CSA TRUST is about people: Trustees, Staff, Donors, Volunteers, Friends, Well Wishers, the General Public and those whom we care for – ‘differently abled’ and deprived children, exploited women and disadvantaged communities.

The journey we began on 3rd January 1993 is sustained and continued because of the selfless services rendered by numerous individuals backed up by our donors. We wish to place on record the contributions of the following donor organisations who have continued to support us.

Caritas Germany: We broad based our involvement in 2000 with financial contributions from Caritas Germany (www.caritas.de). With their contribution, we have been able to lay the foundation for a pro-Poor involvement; focussing mainly on ‘education of children’ and ‘empowerment of women’. Though Caritas has stopped supporting us since 2003, we have continued our work with enthusiasm.

Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V., Windhagen: Presently eleven of our major initiatives are supported by Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V., Windhagen (www.kinder-in-not.de).


  1. Kinder Care High School
  2. Bonita Boys Home
  3. Gisela Girls Home
  4. Educational Assistance to Vocational/Intermediate Students
  5. COVID-19 related Relief Programmes


  1. Kinder Care Special School
  2. Vocational Training of Adolescents with Disabilities
  3. Support to five Study Centres in adjoining villages
  4. Physiotherapy and Nursing Assistance
  5. Community based Home Care
  6. COVID-19 related Relief Programmes

Stichting Mensen Uit De Nood (SMUDN), Heythuysen: SMUDN has helped in the construction and maintenance of eleven hamlet-based Study Centres and supports the running of 7 of these centres. The biggest contribution from SMUDN was received for the ‘hut repair’ and ‘social housing’ programmes. Under this Programme, about 480 families were helped to repair/complete construction of their dwelling place. Mr. Henk van Nunen who spearheaded this action is no more and we miss his commitment to help families in need.

Stichting Support CSA Trust, Ermelo: We first met Piet-Jan and Anneke in 1986 as part of International Youth Year Celebrations. Ever since, we have remained in touch. They set up the foundation to support our work. Over the years they have supported the construction and maintenance of three study centres, have met running cost of 8 study centres, provided educational assistance to an average of 375 children per year. They have also assisted in the purchase of two vehicles to transport children of the special school, physiotherapy equipments and mobility aids.

Both SMUDN and SCSAT have also allowed us to use funds earmarked for ‘educational assistance’ and ‘study centre’ programme to be used for COVID -19 relief activities, besides raising additional funds for the same.

Both SMUDN and SSCSAT have no staff on roll and it is the Board Members who carry out various responsibilities within their Foundations.  They have visited us many times with their own money. Of importance to mention are the friendship we have with (late) Henk, Jacques, Louis, Paul and Ine from SMUDN and  Piet-Jan, Anneke, Karen and Won from SCSAT Ermelo.

From Aktionsgruppe, Gisela Wirtgen, Sabine Dittrich, Claudia Kirschbaum and Delp Kirsten visited us just before COVID-19.

November 2020