Thank you

This website is made possible by Tech4Change and Bhumi. They assigned Kushagra Goyal and Ayushi to work on it  and the result is for all to see. We are very pleased with the outcome and THANK them for their special efforts in creating a world class website with minimum inputs from our end.  

It all began with our response to an email informing of IT enthusiasts wanting to help NGOs develop their websites. We initially had our doubts on the process and the outcome. However, working with Kushagra  and Auyshi was a pleasure. They were always open and eager to accept all inputs, corrections and recorrections with an openness not generally perceived of IT Professionals!

COVID-19 has impacted all our lives. The most affected are the lives of the urban and rural poor. Mobility and employment have become the most dreaded casualty and the poor now have largely to rely on grains supplied through Public Distribution System for survival. 

The outcome of a survey we conducted of 1197 Scheduled Tribe persons from 318 families have become an eye opener for us. Of those surveyed, 90% did not have birth certificate, 40% employment card (MGNREGA), 27% health card, 20% ration card and 9% Aadhar card! With 61% of the respondents being illiterate, it is a herculean task for these respondents/families to get hold of these essential documents without help.  

Dignity, hope and happiness for the poor begins with having sufficient grains to ward off hunger and starvation. We are happy that we have now the website to articulate our reflections and efforts to make available these documents to all those who lack them.

Thank you to ALL at Tech4Change/Bhumi. You have supported us 100% in the creation of a world class website meeting all our expectations. We now hope to use the website to further our vision.

H M Amitha

Founder Trustee