In the first staff meeting during the Pandemic, the hardships of families without ration card to access food grains from the Public Distribution System (PDP) was highlighted. According to our staff, this had resulted in hunger and starvation in many families and some of them had even started to beg. We immediately decided to help such families by providing ‘Provision Kit’ and financial assistance. Side by side, we also initiated a survey to (a). understand better the families we care for and (b). to ascertain how many of them lacked the essential documents to benefit from various Government Welfare Programmes.  This was with the intention of helping those lacking essential documents to apply for the same.

In Palamaner[1], the survey was conducted primarily in hamlets (a). where ‘Study Centre’ and ‘Educational Assistance’ Programmes are implemented, and (b). adjoining hamlets affected by the pandemic. A total of 36 hamlets were covered by the survey comprising 1933 families and 7188 family members.  Families of children studying in Kinder Care Special School were considered as one unit for the survey.  

Major Findings

With Regard to Respondents and their Families

The survey findings confirm the generally held belief that CSA Trust works with the most disadvantaged and is a clear indication that its preferential option for the poor and the marginalised is fully realised through its actions at the grassroot level. As per the findings, the current outreach is 17% tribal, 73% scheduled caste, 8% backward caste and 2% of other castes. We are fully satisfied that the ‘Provision Kit’ distribution programme has benefited those who needed it the most. In the caste hierarchy of Andhra Pradesh, Yanadhis (ST), Madigas (SC), and Malas (SC) belong to the bottom strata of the population. It is therefore accurate to state that 90% of our beneficiaries are socially disadvantaged and economically deprived. Of the remaining 10%, 8% is economically and socially backward. Only 2% of the respondents are socially forward. However, their economic deprivation is the major reason why they are part of our enabling process. 

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