The beginning

Forty five years ago (1975) Fr. John Desrochers founded the Centre for Social Action (CSA) to better realise his vision of serving the poor and the exploited. One of the aims of CSA was the formation of socially aware and involved leaders.

Dr. George Joseph, after receiving his formation in 1975 from Fr. John, initially worked with the Young Students Movement (YSM) and the Karnataka Regional Youth Commission (KRYC) in various capacities. He joined CSA in 1982 and served the Society as its President (1982-92), and Secretary cum Chief Functionary (1992-99). During the second founding of CSA in 1992, George was made Co-Founder and allowed to become more involved in promoting grassroots initiatives. By 1997, this had become his professional priority. He was therefore given the freedom to reconstitute the already founded Centre for Social Action Trust (CSA Trust) and continue promoting grass roots initiatives as an independent activity of the Trust

Formation of CSA Trust

On 3 January 1993, Mrs Helen Mary Amitha, an educator by Profession authored CSA Trust for:

  • The Permanent and future benefit of the culturally, economically and socially less fortunate sections of society and those in distress, and
  • Students who have the ability to dedicate their services for the development of these foregoing sections of society and individuals and organisations working for the improvement in the quality of life prevailing in the aforesaid sections of society

The overall aim of CSA Trust is to accompany and guide individuals and community based initiatives to promote organisations of the rural poor to take up issues blocking their empowerment