Our Core Values:

  • Respect: We treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • Stewardship: We commit to responsible use of resources entrusted to us for the care of women and children from disadvantaged families.
  • Open to learning: We are open to continuous learning in the process of promoting empowerment of disadvantaged communities.
  • Accountability: We carry out our work with full commitment, transparency and accountability.
  • Service to poor: We always have a preferential option for the poorest of the poor.
  • Faith: Our actions are based on the belief that all people are entitled to achieve their full potential as human beings

Programme Goals:

At CSA, our mission is to facilitate improved access and opportunities to women and children to achieve their full potential through institutional services, care and support, rehabilitation and community mobilization.

   We stand in solidarity with disadvantaged communities, especially at times of calamities/emergencies and offer help as per need and available resources.

We also provide ‘educational assistance’ and ‘study centre support’ programmes to  enable children from humble backgrounds to pursue their education and ensure their holistic development. Our current reach out is about 2100 disadvantaged families and  1800 children in need.


At our Palamaner Centre

  1. Special School and Vocational Training of the Differently Abled: ▪︎ We aim to enable children with special needs develop their fullest potential through imparting of self-help, social and vocational skills.

▪︎ We seek to foster assimilation into their communities through integration programmes.

  1. Educational Assistance:

▪︎ We aim to enable children from disadvantaged families pursue their education and develop competencies for career development through educational assistance.

  1. Study Centre Support:

▪︎ We facilitate learning environment for students by promoting study centres in disadvantaged communities.

  1. Housing:

▪︎ We enable poorest of poor families to live in safe and affordable shelters by providing financial assistance for hut repair and completion of unfinished houses.

At our Tanuku Centre

  1. Kinder Care High School: 

▪ We provide quality education in the vernacular to children hailing from disadvantaged families.

▪ We strive at securing maximum attendance.

▪ We seek to promote values of citizenship, grooming, punctuality, cleanliness, discipline and academic performance.

  1. Bonita Boys Home:

▪ We provide boarding and educational facilities to orphan, semi orphan and destitute boys and prepare them for life on their own and further studies.

  1. Gisela Girls Home:

▪ We provide boarding and educational facilities to orphan, semi orphan and destitute girls and prepare them for life on their own and further studies.

  1. Educational Assistance and Career Guidance:

▪ We provide on-going financial support, career guidance, computer literacy and counselling to students passing out of Kinder Care High School.

Bangalore Centre   

▪ At our Bangalore Centre, we provide counselling services to the needy families living in the neighborhood of the Central Office.

▪ We have garnered good will and support from friends, neighbours and collabroators by sharing the Vision, Mission and Core Values of CSA Trust.


November 2020

Central Office: No 34, 5th D Cross, P and T Layout, Horamavu, Bangalore 560043. Phone: +91 9902436298, +91 8040963140. E-mail: csatrust@gmail.com.

Project Office Tanuku: Kinder Care High School, Pragati Nagar, Tanuku 534211. Mobile: +91 7396116414. +91 8819 229464

Project Office Palamaner: Trust Residence, Trust Road, Palamaner 517408. Mobile: +91 9701411512.

Founder Trustee: H.M. Amitha. Mobile: +91 7349359001