We take satisfaction as a Registered Public Charitable Trust in facilitating opportunities to disadvantaged communities to achieve a life with dignity, hope and happiness. Until the onset of COVID-19, we were engaged in implementing the following programmes to achieve our objectives:

  • Managing a Telugu Medium School with 381 students on roll, mostly from poor families
  • Caring for 57 orphan, semi orphan and destitute children who study in our School
  • Facilitating vocational/professional education of 237 students for a period of up to 5 years, depending on their field of study
  • Promoting self-help, social and vocational skills among 71 differently abled children
  • Providing ‘Study Centre’ and ‘Educational Support’ to over 1000 students from 25 disadvantaged communities
  • Improving health conditions of children from ‘study centre hamlets’ through mobile health services
  • Helping 480 families live in safe and affordable shelters by providing financial assistance for hut repair and completion of unfinished houses
  • Counselling services to families and individuals in difficulties